[FOSDEM] FOSDEM needs better netadmins

Gerry Demaret gdemaret at fosdem.org
Mon Feb 26 19:46:30 CET 2007

Benjamin Henrion wrote:
> While searching on flickr for pictures:
> http://flickr.com/photos/mhw/104962874/
> <pompompom>


Thanks for your suggestion. The picture (and the text you quoted) was 
from 2006, as you can derive from the posting date. The Linksys on the 
picture was placed there on Sunday, since the firmware on the Soekris 
boxes we had last year was unstable due to a lack of development time. 
Also, look closely. The network cable wasn't even plugged in. We used it 
to have a connection at some point for recordings or such, don't 
remember, really.

This year I had almost no complaints from people, and 98% good 
reactions. If I may quote one of the *BSD guys: "The network works 
great. It is the best network we had at any conference so far".
The only time when the network wasn't performing well, was when the 
Mikrotik AP in Janson got slaughtered by one or more kids sending deauth 
packets. For the rest of the time, that AP (which was the busiest one) 
was running at 50% CPU capacity, but hit it's shaping limits most of the 
time (5mbit/1mbit). The number of simultaneous clients was somewhere 
around 50 in Janson.

Anyway, suggestions and comments on /this/ years setup are really 
appreciated, as there is always room for improvement.

Kind regards,

Gerry - FOSDEM 2007 Network dude, in co-operation with my entire team 
and Joe, Olly and Dan from Greenpeace.

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