[FOSDEM] Cheap lodgings

Finne Boonen hennar at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 22:12:01 CET 2007

There are 3 youth hostels in the centre of Brussels, they are a bit away
from the conference itself, tho close to the places  (the centre) were
people go for dinner afterwards, a bus/tram ride(1.5 euro, single trip) away
from the Fosdem. If you're 2, on the weekends the day cards (4 euro) are
valid for 2 people travelling at the same time.


On 1/21/07, Bram Neijt <bneijt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear list members,
> Me and a friend of mine (Wybo Wiersma) are looking for cheap lodging
> for the weekend of Fosdem. We are both students, so that is the reason
> to keep it cheap.
> We tried to find information on youth hostels and the kind, but
> weren't able find anything close.
> So, we are still looking and I was wondering if there are any tips out
> there. We are looking for a place to spend the whole weekend and have
> both been accepted for lightning talks on sunday.
> Any and all replies are welcome.
> Thanking all of you in advance,
>   A. Bram Neijt (Metalinks tools project)
>   Wybo Wiersma (LogiLogi.org)
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