[FOSDEM] beer, donations and registration

Razvan Cojocaru razvanco at gmx.net
Sun Jan 28 18:43:33 CET 2007


I have some questions about this year's FOSDEM:

1. Will there be some kind of donations booth at FOSDEM, or is a bank
account transfer the only way to do it?

2. Will there be a time when one can register electronically? I'm
thinking that perhaps having such a list would at least be helpful in
allowing people with similar interests to meet there, e.g. X from
project/company X1 would enjoy finding out more about work from
project/company Y1. Just a though...

3. Is the beer event open for everyone? Does one simply pop up there and
ask the staff about the FOSDEM party?


Razvan Cojocaru
KeyID: 1024D/04CA34DE

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