[FOSDEM] result of keysigning party

Alexander Prinsier fosdem at aphexer.mailhaven.com
Thu Mar 1 19:44:32 CET 2007

markus reichelt wrote:
> * Alexander Prinsier <fosdem at aphexer.mailhaven.com> wrote:
>> The updated file is here:
>> http://aphexer.ulyssis.org/fosdem2007/fosdem_keysigning2.png
>> The colorcode is like this: blue if you signed alot of keys, but
>> other don't sign your key red if others signed your key, but you
>> didn't sign much keys green when your ratio is 1.
> Hm, what exactly is ratio 1?
When you signed as many keys as other people signed your key. I'm not
sure if the meaning of the color has a use. But it's looks pretier than
all grey :)
> I couldn't make it to FOSDEM, yet I find myself on this trust relation
> graph... Why don't you use only the key IDs of attendees?
Because it's too much manual work to only select those that were really
> I know it's easier to just grab the keyring of all submitters to play
> with the fancy stuff, but IMBO this is a bad choice. Either use a
> keyring of attendees or explicitly state in the pic that this is a
> map of based on submitters key IDs.
I probably should mention that somewhere yes.
> And most importantly... be patient. I think it's far too soon to
> create such a map. To summarize my experiences from previous events,
> it is quite usual that signatures are exchanged weeks (months,
> literally) after the event, and some lazy bones take even half a year
> to do so.
I received around 70% already, I was just curious how it would look.
Wanted to share the pic for the other people who were intersted :) No
other intentions:)
> So please point out the snapshot nature of your efforts.
Hope that's clear now :)


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