[FOSDEM] [ANN] Python Ninjas! join us!

Mauro Pompilio mauro at w3revolt.com
Thu Oct 11 16:18:55 CEST 2007

Barcelona Music and Audio Technologies (BMAT) [http://www.bmat.com]
(Barcelona, Spain)
**Job Description**:

BMAT is a digital music dreams factory, it enables computers and devices
to understand music like humans do to provide services like a musical
google that organizes all music of the world, a smart shuffle that
improves end-user's experience when interacting with music in portable
players by selecting music that suits your mood or activity, or even a
virtual partner that can recommend new music, concerts of unknown bands
you might like, or even people you might like to go to the concert with.

BMAT, with customers from every corner of the earth,  is technology
company which spinned off the best important Music Information lab in
the world (MTG at UPF).
The perfect candidate will be passionate, creative, self-driven and
aiming to work  in a fast paced 'startup' environment  with leading edge
technologies. We are based in Barcelona, Spain, and the working language
is English.

If this sounds like a dream project, please read on and consider applying.

This position involves the design and implementation of a robust and
scalable back-end multimedia architecture (millions of music tracks and
millions of users, providing APIs and creating services around those. We
will consider Python developers with different levels of experience.


- Python development experience
- Text indexing and searching
- Scalability, load balancing, caching - memcached, etc.
- Persistent object databases
- Lexical scanning and parsing
- Knowledge of data structures and algorithms, especially for trees
- Fluent English.

Desired skills:

- Python optimization - e.g., via C extensions
- Asychronous network programming, particularly using Twisted
- Use of Amazon's S3 and/or EC2 services
- Web advertising systems - e.g., Adsense
- C++ Development
- Web Frameworks (Djando, RoR...)
- Ruby Language knowledge

* **Contact**: O. Paytuvi, Program Manager
* **E-mail contact**: jobs at bmat.com
* **Web**: http://www.bmat.com

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