[FOSDEM] Job Corner

Christophe Vandeplas cvandeplas at fosdem.org
Tue Feb 19 18:56:51 CET 2008

During last edition we noticed a demand for a regulated job corner. This 
year we are proud to announce companies will be able to inform you (our 
visitors) about job opportunities in open source or free software.

The job corner will be around the end of the main hallway (H building).

We'd like to stress on these rules:

     * Open Source Related
     * Open Source Development
     * Open Source Products Integration
     * Flyers with info about the job
     * Passive Recruitment (paper)


     * NO Non-Open Source Jobs
     * NO Partially Open Source
     * NO Job adverts on other places than the job corner
     * NO Active Recruitment (inviting visitors to look at your jobs)

Please respect what we do and don't break these rules

Christophe  Vandeplas
cvandeplas at fosdem.org

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