[FOSDEM] Job Corner

Christophe Vandeplas cvandeplas at fosdem.org
Tue Feb 19 19:43:31 CET 2008

Bastian Voigt wrote:
> Dear Christophe,
> XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a startup company which makes extensive use of open
> source software although we are not directly involved in the development
> of open source projects. Of course, the daily work with open source
> software also involves filing bug reports, analysing problems and
> working closely together with open source projects in order to resolve
> problems.
> Do you think this fits to your policy?

Hi Bastian,

If the jobs you offer concern the usage, management or development of 
open source products then it fits our policy.

Maybe an example can help:
+ "System admin for openbsd servers, nagios,..  wanted";
    that looks fine, isn't it?

- "System admin for our servers, incl Linux, HP-UX and MS Windows";
    doesn't really match  ...

I hope this clears up things.


Christophe  Vandeplas
cvandeplas at fosdem.org

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