[FOSDEM] Key Server Issues?

Iacopo Benesperi iacopo.benesperi at mozillaitalia.org
Sun Feb 8 20:42:22 CET 2009

Kurt Roeckx ha scritto:
> You can just usre the keyring which is at:
> http://ksp.mdcc.cx/files/ksp-fosdem2009.keyring.asc.bz2

Actually, I'm triing to figure out how to use caff to sign the keys.
Which command should I give so caff ask for every key in the asc file if
I want to sign it or not and make it send the key via e-mail to the key
owner automatically (for the last one, I think I have to add "-m yes" to
the command, but I can't imagine which smtp server caff will use...)?

What about the person who decided not to upload the key to the keyserver
and gave me his fingerprint on paper?

Sorry for these stupid questions, but I'm new to gpg and keys in general.


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