[FOSDEM] Key Server Issues?

Iacopo Benesperi iacopo.benesperi at mozillaitalia.org
Sun Feb 8 21:40:10 CET 2009

markus reichelt ha scritto:
> Read the manpage :-)

Yeah, you're right. So, I edited my .caffrc adding (in addition to the 
default created one):

$CONFIG{'local-user'} = [ qw{mykey} ];
$CONFIG{'mailer-send'} =  [ 'smtp', Server => 'uit.telenet.be' ];
$CONFIG{'keyserver'} =  'ksp.mdcc.cx';

then I gave this command (after preparing the file the way you told me):
caff -m yes --key-file ksp-fosdem2009.keyring.asc   ` cat keyprints.txt`

But it says that the import failed for some keys (not all keys, I 
checked), and asks me if I want to continue anyway.
Why it can't import some keys? What should I do with these?


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