[FOSDEM] Re: Key Signing Party -> Saturday Evening

dirk astrath dastrath at gmx.de
Wed Feb 11 09:56:26 CET 2009

hello sven,

> but why does the key signing party have
> to be parallel to any of the talks at all?
> how about making the key signing party
> a part of the saturday evening event?!
> "saturday evening at 21h - the key signing party!
> followed by some free beer (as in "free beer")"

;-) ... nice idea ... but there you will have a small(?) problem ... 

there are guests, who visit fosdem on saturday and sunday, but have no 
accomodation near brussel ... (like me) ... therefore we wasn't able to stay longer at fosdem than about 19:00/20:00 ...

if the keysigning-party will be at 21:00 with about 200 persons, it'll take about 2 hours (i think) ... and this is much too late ... ;-(

the problem i had was the keysigning-party taking place at the same time the cacert-assurances took place ... at different locations ... therefore i had to decide: doing cacert or pgp ... i decided to do cacert ... ;-)

but ... maybe it's possible to use a room at about 18:00, when the last talk is finished ... even if you take some minutes from e.g. the 
bsd/postgres-room to join ... (the beginning for the cacert/pgp-procedure is everytime the same ... and it should be possible to leave presentation 
running on some slides during the keysigning ... so everybody coming later (5 or 10 minutes due to the long way) has the possibility to read the informations he missed) ...

if it's well prepared (maybe the keylist sorted by uid ... or everybody on the list should know his number), it should not be a big problem (well ... some finetuning needed) to do both: pgp and cacert ...

since there is the same problem at other events (froscon, mrmcd, ...) i'll check it there how to optimize it ... and how they are doing the 
keysigning/assurances ...

have a nice day ...

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