[FOSDEM] Re: Key Signing Party -> Saturday Evening

Sven Guckes maillist-fosdem at guckes.net
Wed Feb 11 13:32:13 CET 2009

* dirk astrath <dastrath at gmx.de> [2009-02-11 10:34]:
> > but why does the key signing party have
> > to be parallel to any of the talks at all?
> > how about making the key signing party
> > a part of the saturday evening event?!
> > "saturday evening at 21h - the key signing party!
> > followed by some free beer (as in "free beer")"
> ;-) ... nice idea ... but there you will have
> a small(?) problem ...  there are guests, who
> visit fosdem on saturday and sunday, but have
> no accomodation near brussel ... (like me) ...
> therefore we wasn't able to stay longer
> at fosdem than about 19:00/20:00 ...

sure - some people cannot attend for some reason.
and who says that all people who take part in
the KSP need to be accomodated to attend? ;-)

there is always a problem.
and we cannot solve them all.

however, i suggest to take out both the key signing
and the cacert assurances from the conference
and simply do them at the free beer event.
then at least the KSP would not interfere with
the talks and development work at the conference.

there is too much happening during the conference, anyway.
so at least take some time for ksp+cacert in the evening.
besides, these are social events which brings people together -
so shouldnt people have a beer after that together?
sounds like a perfect combination to me.


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