[FOSDEM] Help signing GPG keys for the first time

Marco Cavallini [KOAN] m.cavallini at koansoftware.com
Thu Feb 12 18:38:05 CET 2009

Karlheinz Geyer ha scritto:
> Let me please know if your still in trouble.
> Maybe i can assist you furthermore figureing out what
> problems may exist.

Hi Karlheinz,
thank you for your kind reply. It helped me a lot.
What about reply to ML too?

I noticed that you are setting $CONFIG{'keyid'} so probably you don't
need to declare -u parameter in the command line

  caff -em -u xxxxxxxx "`cat mylist-of-keys.txt`"

However all seems working fine, I'm testing with the key of a friend of
mine (so I can flood his email)
I liked the idea to use $CONFIG{'bcc'} to get a copy as dending

The problem now is that mails are not sent.
I am working on a desktop that doesn't have a SMTP configured because I
usually use Thunderbird as email client.

What should I have to do to allow caff sending emails?


Cordiali Saluti / Kindest Regards / mit freundlichen Grüssen
Marco Cavallini

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