[FOSDEM] Hotel location with direct connection to FOSDEM

Marco Cavallini [KOAN] m.cavallini at koansoftware.com
Mon Jan 5 17:27:22 CET 2009

Duquaine Michel ha scritto:
> -A-
> See the next hotels near the Central Station and Grand Place:
> http://www.ibishotel.com/fr/hotel-1046-ibis-brussels-off-grand-place/index.shtml
> http://www.hotel-la-madeleine.be/html_en/home.htm
> http://www.lemeridienbrussels.com/
> see also
> http://www.brusselsinternational.be/wabxlint/en/visitor/brussels-tourism-visit.act
> -B- 
> From the Central Station you can take the bus 71 (direction DELTA) and
> stop at AV DE L'UNIVERSITE 98-100/AV BUYL.  For more details see next
> website: http://www.stib.be/index.htm?guest_user=guest_en
> Regards,
> Michel Duquaine

thank you for answering.
Unfortunately I received your message today, too late probably due to
fosdem webside fault since now.
BTW I already booked at IBIS because is cheap and clean

About transport, I understand that Central Station is near to such Hotel
so I'll take Bus #71

Thank you

Cordiali Saluti / Kindest Regards / mit freundlichen Grüssen
Marco Cavallini

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