[FOSDEM] Modified CACert cap pdf: still valid?

dirk astrath dastrath at gmx.de
Sat Jan 24 20:59:10 CET 2009

hiy iacopo,

> After these modifications (see attachment) is the form still valid, or
> all of these informations must be hand-written? If it is not valid, can
> I remove just my signature, or I have to remove all the dates and the ID
> documents info, too?

i would NEVER publish my signature ...

... and ... some assurers require the signature written by yourself ... while 
you're writing the signature ...

... so you can use the pdf ... but prepared that (for example I) want you to 
sign the sheet while i see that you sign it ... ;-)

the simple problem is:

if you get the official document (drivers licence, passport etc.) from 
somebody and copy the signature to the cap-formular (or sign the 
cap-formulars before the signing event), you _may_ try to fool me (being an 
assurer) ...

if you try to copy the signature by hand and i see, that you 'copy' it from a 
password and not from your brain, i will not do the assurance ... ;-)

have a nice day ...
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