updated list of submitted keys, submit your key for the FOSDEM PGP KSP within 24 hours (was: Re: [FOSDEM] gpgkeys: key FFAE0427DFCA34A3 not found on keyserver)

Joost van Baal joostvb-fosdem at mdcc.cx
Wed Jan 28 19:56:20 CET 2009


I've updated the list of submitted keys for the FOSDEM PGP Keysigning Party at

O n l y   o n e   m o r e   d a y   t o   s u b m i t   y o u r   k e y !

If you'd like to participate in this years FOSDEM PGP KSP, run

 gpg --keyserver hkp://ksp.mdcc.cx --keyserver-options export-minimal --send-keys yourkeyid

_before_ tomorrow evening 2009-01-29 20:00:00+01:00.  See http://ksp.mdcc.cx/
for more information.

Op Wed 28 Jan 2009 om 03:07:01 +0100 schreef Morten Gulbrandsen:
> please  how can I import a public key from your keyserver ?

You can't.

> I need to get the other public keys.

You'll get them in due time.



irc:joostvb@{OFTC,freenode} ∙ http://mdcc.cx/http://ad1810.com/
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