[FOSDEM] Running a GSM BTS at fosdem ?

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Wed Feb 3 12:30:29 CET 2010


> > I'm sorry, but in my opinion this is too last minute. There are  
> logistical
> > (where to put this set-up, provide power), technical (how can we be
> > absolutely sure it won't interfere?) and administrative (request  
> permission
> > from ULB) issues that cannot be dealt with this late in the game.

I actually talked with some people off the list and this year there will be  
only limited closed testing to make the network planning for next year.

> Actually - if there is BIPT approval for a transmitter in the GSM  
> spectrum on
> the ULB campus, we don't really need further permission from ULB (while  
> they
> control the builds, they don't control the radio spectrum).

I do have proper IBPT licence for 3 BTS for the DCS1800 spectrum around  
1748 MHz for demonstration purposes, valid only this week end and limited  
to the ULB site.

> My main concern is logistics. I doubt you have BIPT approval to accept  
> not registered with you. How will you get people to register? Secondly, I
> have doubts about the utility.

> As JF mentioned, it's way too late to set up
> anything meaningful in the way of SIP to connect the GSM network to the  
> rest
> of the world.

Yes, this is why there will be only range testing not open to the public  
this year. No time to setup anything useful in the remaining timeframe.
I wasn't too sure the licence would be granted since GSM is usually tightly  
controlled. I requested the licence end november and they only answered  
yesterday, so I thought it would not go trough and I didn't really prepare  
anything ...

> I suggest we keep this idea in mind for next year. Having our own GSM  
> network
> at the conference certainly has some benefits, but it needs to be set up  
> with
> a bit of forethought if it's going to be successful.


> Could you please coordinate with network@ next year?

Yup, already doing that now.


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