[FOSDEM] Need Linksys Antennas !!!! URGENT

Christophe Vandeplas cvandeplas at fosdem.org
Fri Feb 5 20:28:19 CET 2010

To all Belgian people coming to FOSDEM.

If you own a Linksys AP, please unscrew the two antennas and take them
with you to FOSDEM.
Or if you have other 2.5 GHz antennas you can also take them.

Bring those to the Infodesk as soon as you arrive, we will label them
and write down your name and email.
We will make sure you get them back after FOSDEM.

We have some issues as the boxes we got only contain 5 GHz antennas.

WITHOUT YOUR HELP only 5GHz network will be available, so we count on you.
What would we do otherwise with the 1Gbit internet connection we have?

Thanks a lot.

FOSDEM staff

PS: Why only Belgians? It's easier to give them back if you live in
the same country.

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