[Fosdem] Is there a Keysigning-Party planned?

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Fri Jan 8 04:09:40 CET 2010


About Keysigning party and also Assurance event
I've requested Saturday and Sunday noon break
2 rooms.
Nothing heard yet from the organisation team
about that request ....

In 2009 someone got a big room on Saturday
so the assurance party was in the room.

So my plan was to get this room
one day for assurance party and
the 2nd day for keysigning party

mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards
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On 01/04/2010 05:40 PM, Philip Paeps wrote:
> On 2010-01-04 17:37:48 (+0100), Geyer, Karlheinz 
> <geyerk.fv.tu at nds.tu-darmstadt.de> wrote:
>> just wondering if Wouter or Joos or anybody else has made some 
>> arrangements for a Keysigning-Party at this years FOSDEM. Is there 
>> anyone knowing more about it?
> I'm dealing with the keysigning party this year.  I need to get 
> someone who understands "the web" to put the necessary noises on the 
> fosdem.org site, and set up the keyserver infrastructure.  These 
> things will happen this week.
> Watch this space.
>  - Philip
Happy to hear that.
Just a detail, can we try to manage it inside corridors. (there's some
long enough) Last year was particulary a cold one



     Bruno Friedmann

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