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Sun Jan 17 09:26:29 CET 2010

In an effort to make FOSDEM even more paperless, there is now an iPhone
application with the FOSDEM schedule. The application has a few features that
make it nicer to use than the paper booklet, such as being able to download
the latest schedule, read the descriptions of all the talks or view a map for
each event. And best of all, it's not paper!

The Maemo and Android apps will be published soon.

-------- IPHONE  

The source code, written by Adam Ziolkowski and Leon Handreke, is available
on GitHub [1] under the Beerware License. You can download it from the
AppStore for free!

The app is available for your iPhone over here [2].

-------- MAEMO  

Coming soon...

-------- ANDROID  

Coming soon...

For more information, or to fill in the form check out:

[1] http://github.com/leonbrussels/fosdem
[2] http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fosdem/id348862089?mt=8&uo=6

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