[FOSDEM] Any one has direct contact with Philippe De Swert

Philip Paeps philip at fosdem.org
Thu Jan 21 09:31:41 CET 2010

On 2010-01-21 09:28:05 (+0100), David Reyes Samblas Martinez <david at tuxbrain.com> wrote:
> HI, I'm trying to reach him by email & facebook but I have no news
> from him since 11 days ago, it's related to presentations on Embedded
> Devroom.
> Is any body in direct contact with him that can ping him to reply me?
> Sorry for so intrusion on the list, but some people that will came
> from very far, (China, Germany) are preparing some presentations and
> we didn't know if they had been admited or not, And I have to tell
> them something.
> Philippe please accept my apologizes for so this intensive seeking for
> reach you.

I'll give him a call.

 - Philip

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