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Alexander Mikhailian mikhailian at mova.org
Sun Jan 24 12:07:55 CET 2010

At the last FOSDEM, I left a pile of paper ads in the job corner. The ads were
for a sysadmin job in one of the european space centers. Back in time, I felt
a little awkward with regards to the rules. Was the job open source related?
Definitely, it was. Was it an open source job?  Definitely, not.

What I knew for sure is that the job opportunity was geeky enough to please
the FOSDEM crowd.

   Now, the questions:

Can FOSDEM allow for geeky job ads that are not exactly about "Open Source
Development" but are interesting for FOSDEM visitors?

How to deal with the confusing rules (Open Source Related vs. NO Non-Open
Source Jobs)

  And a suggestion:

Drop all rules  and make the job corner a self-organizing place. None will
post SAP and Sharepoint job ads there anyway.

On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 10:26:44AM +0100, info at fosdem.org wrote:
> Like previous edition we are proud to announce companies will be able to
> inform you (our visitors) about job opportunities in open source or free
> software. The job corner will be at the end of the main hallway (H building).
> Of course there are some rules what is or isn't allowed
> *Allowed*
>  * Open Source Related
>  * Open Source Development
>  * Open Source Products Integration
>  * Flyers with info about the job
>  * Passive Recruitment (paper)
> *Forbidden*
>  * NO Non-Open Source Jobs
>  * NO Partially Open Source
>  * NO Job adverts on other places than the job corner
>  * NO Active Recruitment (inviting visitors to look at your jobs)
> /Please respect what we do and don't break these rules/ For more information,
> or to fill in the form check out: http://fosdem.org/2010/node/59

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