[FOSDEM] Call for talks for the FOSDEM 2011 distributions miniconference

Wouter Verhelst wouter at debian.org
Wed Nov 3 16:03:50 CET 2010


[a somewhat informal call for talks has preceded this one; this CfT does
not change anything that was said there, but does add some information]

This is the official call for talks for the FOSDEM 2011 distribution
miniconference. Talks for this miniconference should have a subject
matter that is relevant for distribution developers; for example, they
could be about methods for packaging software, the organization and
workflow of distributions, configuration management systems as relevant
to distribution maintainers, etc. An affiliation with a specific
distribution is not a requirement for a speaker.

As was the case last year, during the coming edition the
cross-distribution developer's room will have two rooms for two days.

Interested speakers should send a proposal to the
dist2011 at lists.fosdem.org mailinglist. A proposal must include:
- The title of the talk,
- A short abstract,
- The name of the speaker,
- A short bio of the speaker

And this no later than january 1st, 2011. Note that a paper is not a

If there are more proposals than available time slots, talks will be
alotted after discussion among representatives of the various
distributions on the dist2011 mailinglist.

Distributions are kindly invited to forward this call for talks to their
relevant mailinglists. Additionally, we would welcome if distributions
who will participate in the miniconference will let their intentions
known on the mailinglist, so we can announce that at the proper time.


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