[FOSDEM] GSM BTS at Fosdem 2011?

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 13:59:34 CET 2010


> are there any plans to establish a GSM network next year?

Well, the problem is the hardware.

To cover the fosdem, (both in capacity and area), you'd need 5 devices
at the least.

To make open source GSM you have two solutions :

 - OpenBSC + nanoBTS solutions
 - OpenBTS solutions.

They're unfortunately not fully inter-operable yet.

The first solution require nanoBTS. Each unit cost (new) about 4000 EUR.
The second solution require a USRP (~1500 EUR) + PC/SBC at each site.

So who has equipement that he'd be willing to loan to the FOSDEM ?
(Given the high price, I guess some damage/stolen insurance would be needed).

I have some, but not nearly enough.

> If yes, do we need to bring our own SIM cards ?

SIM are the least of the problems :)



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