[FOSDEM] Shipping stuff to the FOSDEM venue

Philip Paeps philip at fosdem.org
Thu Jan 27 15:47:02 CET 2011


We just got an unpleasant (and confused) phone call from ULB about an
attempted delivery of "stuff" (we don't know what it is or who sent it)
for FOSDEM.  We'd like to keep our hosts happy.  Shipping stuff to them
doesn't further that goal.

Can I stress again that it is _not_ possible to ship _anything_ to the
FOSDEM venue?  We cannot take delivery of it, the university can't take
delivery of it for us and it can't be stored anywhere.

Items shipped anyway are likely to be blackholed.

Please Don't Do That[tm].

This has been a service announcement.

 - Philip

PS: If you happen to know who may have tried to ship something, please
get in touch with me off-list - own up! I don't bite. ;)

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