[FOSDEM] Giant inflatable tux penguin

Stephanie Louise Reveley slr7 at aber.ac.uk
Mon Jan 31 14:15:20 CET 2011

>> .... And if possible, arrange some BSD chicks in latex for the same
>> picture
>> making purpose ;)
> I'm told there are people who find that kind of thing offensive.  Be that
> as
> it may, the temperature in Belgium in February doesn't really lend itself
> to
> such optimistic dress.  We'd prefer not to have to deal with a freak
> outbreak
> of pneumonia. :)

Man Up! also I find it shamefull that anyone would find this offensive.
Im sure if you ask the aber lot nicly they can provide a few people
prepared to "brave" the cold weather *cough*Warm*cough*climate*cough* the
aber lot are bringing several strange creatures called women, maybe not in
latex but enough to get geeks hearts pumping... failing that kidnap them
from the hall ways and tie them to Tux? :P

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