[FOSDEM] Budget outline for FOSDEM, needed to organize other project

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Tue May 3 04:14:02 CEST 2011

Christophe Vandeplas schreef op za 23-04-2011 om 15:20 [+0200]:
> Depending on the number of lectures, and the policy you have to
> reimburse costs of speakers (hotel, transport/airplane/...) you should
> also be able to make the budget for speakers. What kind of speakers do
> you want to invite? Local people cost less in travel costs. Use
> online-airplane-booking-calculations to know how much it would cost to
> come from the US or from Europe.

http://www.africanlocalisation.net/ might be one organisation to contact
for local speakers.  This organisation, or their partners, might have a
budget to pay for travel costs of speakers from their projects.
Partners include the University of Nairobi(!) and Denis Jacquerye, who
Jakub might remember from Libre Graphics Meeting in Brussels (he also
co-manages the DejaVu project).

It's also possible they might be able to get funding from UN
organisations like UNESCO (especially if the event is about open source
and not just Fedora).

Jan Claeys

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