[FOSDEM] Mono Developer Room at FOSDEM 2012: CFP

Marc Coevoet sintsixtus at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 20:42:54 CET 2011

Op 24-11-11 19:28, Ruben Vermeersch schreef:
> Great news! There will be a third edition of the Mono devroom @ FOSDEM. The event will take place on Feb 4 and Feb 5. We have the devroom the entire afternoon, for 6 hours (from 13:00 till 19:00). As I am not planning to fill up all that stage time on my own, we need your talks and presentations to make this day extra interesting.

I've found this book last saturday in Pele Mele, 2nd hand book store in 
Bruxelles, it could still be there, I'm not into mono...

Mono: A Developer's Notebook
By Edd Dumbill, Niel M. Bornstein


book stores:

The "Penguin" has arrived - and he's not going away - ever.
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