[FOSDEM] Lost and found: black Fedora at the Beer Event

Jochen Maes jochen.maes at sejo.be
Sun Feb 5 10:19:55 CET 2012


Your best option is to call the delirium at this number. Say you were a visitor of the FOSDEM event. If they found it, they kept it!



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 wel, ive lost a black neck tube warmer. Im not sure at what point. I think it 
 was during the beer event. It was not mine and it was a gift so I would hate to 
 lose it :(
 If anybody has seen it, please contact me. I'll ask in lost and found at help 
 desk info later today :)
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 Hi all,
 we found a black Fedora which was left under the table where we were
 selling beer tokens.
 I brought it to the main infodesk this morning, so if you miss a
 fedora or know someone who misses one, you know where to go.
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