[FOSDEM] 2012 presentations

Raffaele Recalcati lamiaposta71 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 02:22:28 CET 2012

As I believe in this conference growing years-by-years I'm convinced
that a proper presentation archive is needed.
Obviously we need the collection of presentation and a good storage to put it.
In order to solve the first item I guess an announcement on these and
other ml like this "Hey 2012 speaker, can you please send us your
presentation? We'll put it on the website".
For the second one I have no idea what is your server situation and if
some more organization or money are needed.
I think that the team comes very tired to the end of FOSDEM and it is
natural that it is very difficult also to do this job.

In any case, I'm convinced that 2012 presentation archive is very
useful for people, like me, who coudn't come, but who would like to
have all of the interesting information.

What can I do to fix this situation?

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