[FOSDEM] February 18th & 19th - Android Hackathon: Brussels

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Sat Feb 11 19:10:12 CET 2012

There's a Global Android Dev Camp in Brussels next weekend. Read on
below. This only makes sense for developers well-versed in Java (and at
least a bit in Android too).

If you're not a developer but still interested, please know that we have
a public demo hour
(https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGh4RExINGR2V2FZNDdKOHdvN2NyN1E6MQ) and that we will be interacting online on Google+: http://gplus.to/gadcbru . We expect that many of the apps will be open sourced.

Finally, if you live abroad. Your local GTUG may very well be organizing
a local Dev Camp as well. See
http://android-dev-camp-2012.blogspot.com/ .


On the weekend of February 18th and 19th there is an Android hackathon
in Brussels, organized by the BruGTUG. This coincides with a Global
Android Dev Camp happening the same weekend over Google+ Hangouts.
Android developers from all over the world come together at more than 50
locations and write app code - nonstop! Globally, about 1,000 developers
are expected - from Brussels to Berlin, to Warsaw and London, to
Brazzaville, Kyoto and San Diego. 

      * Learn about hands-on Android app development 
              * The event will include a beginner-level jumpstart
                session on the major features of Android, focused on 4.0
                development, Fragments, and releasing to the Market.
                Android enthusiasts will be on hand to help and to
                answer questions throughout the weekend. 
      * Build with Us or Build Your Own 
              * Throughout the weekend, other GTUG members, locally or
                globally, will be building Android apps and sharing the
                code with you so you can code along. If, on the other
                hand, you already have a great idea for what to build,
                bring that idea with you to the hackathon, pitch it in
                the morning and form a team. Even better, bring along
                anything you can prepare ahead of time (sketches,
                designs, mockups, an empty template app etc.) and use
                the time, information and talented people provided at
                the hackathon to develop your idea into a working
                application, then share it with the world. 
              * At the end of the day, we'll invite you to share your
                Android app with the world. 
      * What Do I Need? 
              * We will provide facilities and experts to help you learn
                to use Android and write your application. Just bring
                your laptop, ideas, absolute concentration and
                enthusiasm to complete the mix. 
      * When and Where? 
              * The Brussels hackathon will take place Saturday and
                Sunday, February 18th and 19th. 
              * from 10:00(am) to 03:00(am) the first day, and from
                09:00(am) to Sunday 20:00. The location will not allow
                us to stay the night, so this will not be required or
                provided, but you are free to continue your work
                overnight at your own location. The deadline to finish
                your hack is Sunday 18:00. 
              * It will be held at Outpost GameCenter, Rue de la Tribune
                8, Brussel:
                http://www.outpost.be/website/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=27&Itemid=48 This location is accessible via train or metro via Central Station or Madou, and some limited street parking should be possible for cars. 

This is the last chance to sign up

You may also want to circle our G+ page: http://gplus.to/gadcbru .
Lastly, please actively spread the news, tell your friends, and create a
social media storm using #GADC and #BruGTUG. Thanks for your support.
Together we can create amazing things. 


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