[FOSDEM] Debugging the travel instruction

Nico Van Cleemput nico.vancleemput at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 20:42:30 CET 2012


I think there are some small bugs in the travel instructions. I can only
speak about the instructions for arriving by train in Brussels South, but
maybe some other people can also post there experiences. I think some small
changes might be needed in some cases. Or maybe someone local who often
uses the public transport can check everything.

This is currently on the website:
By Train

>From *Brussels South* (a.k.a. "*Bruxelles Midi*", "*Brussel Zuid*" or "*Gare
du Midi*") Station (about *30 minutes*):

   - Take the Metro line 2 <http://stib.be/appl/EN/40000Eng/M/40002E.htm>,
   direction Simonis (elisabeth)
   - Get off at station *Louise*
   - Take the tram 94 <http://stib.be/appl/EN/40000Eng/T/40094E.htm>,
   direction Herrmann-Debroux
   - get off at stop *ULB*.

And these are my remarks:

   1. You can take both Metro line 2 and 8: they run completely parallel
   between Brussels South and Louise.
   2. None of the signs at the tram stops or on the trams mention
   Herrmann-Debroux. You need the tram in the direction "Trammuseum/Musée du
   3. At Saturday and Sunday tram 94 is limited to Legrande. So you need to
   take the tram until Legrande, get off and continue:
      1. You follow the rails down in Terkamerenlaan/Bld de la Cambre
      2. At the first intersection you go to the right into Franklin
      Rooseveltlaan/Avenue Franklin Roosevelt
      3. After about 300 meters you will see the ULB at your left.

I hope this useful. I planned to do this last year, but forgot it and only
realized it again when I arrived Saturday morning and didn't remember which
tram I had to take.

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