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Pascal Bleser loki at fosdem.org
Fri Jan 6 14:48:53 CET 2012

On 2012-01-06 13:56:32 (+0100), Michał Olber <michal.olber at osworld.pl> wrote:
> Hello all

Hi Michał

> I'm writing from OSWorld Team from Poland. We arrived to conference
> and I'm asking if we could filming all events which will take place
> at FOSDEM 2012.
> Than we want add this to internet and writing about all what was
> there on osworld.pl :)
> If it is possible, could we get Journalist accreditation?

We don't give out nor require any journalist accreditations.
You are free to show up, interview people (with their
agreement), publish articles, etc...

We prefer to be informed about it, just in case, and out of
curiosity, but that's it :)

Interviewing people and publishing what they say, or filming
them, etc..., is actually something you have to arrange with
each person individually.

But what do you mean exactly with "filming all events which will
take place at FOSDEM 2012" ? There will be between 300 and 400
talks, I doubt you will be able to film those :)

Also, we have our own video team which will take care of filming
all the talks in the Main Tracks, the Lightningtalks as well as
all the sessions in the Cross-Distribution track.
(They wouldn't mind some help though, staffing is a bit thin.)

The videos will be made available under a CC license in an open
format a few weeks after the conference, as well as on Youtube.

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FOSDEM 2012 ::: 4 + 5 February 2012 in Brussels, Belgium
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