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Samantha Kosko samantha at 10gen.com
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We are one of the leading NoSQL space databases and have decided that after
being approved to have a stand that we wanted to fly a couple of developers
to Brussels for your event.  To make the most out of that experience... we
want to be able to have items that can be passed out at our booth that will
enable everyone to have the best experience not only at your conference but
at ours as well.

With our developers flying in ... the capacity to have items brought along
with them is greatly limited and we need to be able to ship items ahead of
time to ensure that they will be there.

Can you please make a case for us to be a special situation?


On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 5:25 PM, Philip Paeps <philip at fosdem.org> wrote:

> On 19 Jan 2012, at 22:53, Samantha Kosko wrote:
> > Anyone have a shipment addresss?
> FOSDEM does not have a shipping address except for some very special
> purposes.
> In particular: please do _not_ ship anything to ULB addressed to FOSDEM.
>  It will
> cause ULB to make nasty phone calls to us, which will make us grumpy (or
> in my
> case: even more grumpy).  We can also guarantee that your shipment will
> get lost,
> destroyed or sent back at your expense.  We are 'guests' at ULB, we don't
> live
> there and they don't work for us.
> If you want to display stuff at FOSDEM you'll have to bring it yourself, or
> convince us that your purpose is very special indeed.  Just getting our
> stuff
> to the venue is already a nightmare.
> Thank you.
>  - Philip
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