[FOSDEM] First time attendee

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Thu Jan 26 23:45:59 CET 2012

Samantha Kosko schreef op wo 25-01-2012 om 20:32 [+0000]:
> I figured it all out on the Swag guys!  Can someone tell me the
> official hours for the Move In of the stands... 

There is no official hours, but I suggest you start setting it up 30-60
minutes before the first talks start that day (this time is different on
Saturday & Sunday BTW!), depending on how much work you will have to set
it up.

You can *not* set them up on Friday (they are in a public space where
students walk around until Saturday noon).  You'll also have to break up
the booth & rebuild it for the second day (unless you don't care about
people possibly taking away your stuff, of course).  You can store your
booth materials in a locked room overnight Saturday -> Sunday though.

Jan Claeys

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