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Mon Oct 8 09:22:16 CEST 2012

A US e-builder IT company, located in Michigan,
is looking  for European personnell  to act as intermediate chain for IT transactions overseas.
Due to a large period of time that payment transactions takes between US and Europe,
our company is searching for a personel in EU to save time in interbank transactions, for a part time or full time job.

The earnings in return for a job is 3000 euro per month, for only 3 hours a day.
Depending on your time implication, seriousness and correctness, the earnings could be increased up to 200 percent.

If you are interested in our possible cooperation, please read the entire job description listed below:

This job is all about:
- accepting and processing payments from and to our clients from all over the world,
  with the help of banks and money transferring systems.
- subtracting 4 percent from each transfer as a personal bonus.
- running the preparation, delivery, and reporting transactions processes.
- making sure that the payments and reports are payed out correctly and in time.

This position is based on your location only, and no relocation is required  from the candidate.
This position does not involve any fixed working hours and is suitable for senior people or self-employed individuals.
You don't have to invest anything.

Requirements :
1. Elementary knowledge of money transfer systems.
2. The possibility to accept payments to your personal bank account:
3. Promptitude in sending the payment to the supplier(by using his preferred payment method).
4. Availability to check your email at least once a day.

Let us know if you are interested in the position listed above and
we will send you more details regarding this vacancy along with our corporate  agreement and application form.

This is Keven at eurobrussell.com our corporate email address, when you will make your mind write us here.

Best regards

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