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Nicolas Sahlqvist nicco77 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 09:26:40 CEST 2012

Spam, scam or fraud? That is the question..

I hope someone can block the sender.

- Nicolas
Den 8 okt 2012 09:22 skrev <fosdem at lists.fosdem.org>:

> Hello,
> A US e-builder IT company, located in Michigan,
> is looking  for European personnell  to act as intermediate chain for IT
> transactions overseas.
> Due to a large period of time that payment transactions takes between US
> and Europe,
> our company is searching for a personel in EU to save time in interbank
> transactions, for a part time or full time job.
> The earnings in return for a job is 3000 euro per month, for only 3 hours
> a day.
> Depending on your time implication, seriousness and correctness, the
> earnings could be increased up to 200 percent.
> If you are interested in our possible cooperation, please read the entire
> job description listed below:
> This job is all about:
> - accepting and processing payments from and to our clients from all over
> the world,
>   with the help of banks and money transferring systems.
> - subtracting 4 percent from each transfer as a personal bonus.
> - running the preparation, delivery, and reporting transactions processes.
> - making sure that the payments and reports are payed out correctly and in
> time.
> This position is based on your location only, and no relocation is
> required  from the candidate.
> This position does not involve any fixed working hours and is suitable for
> senior people or self-employed individuals.
> You don't have to invest anything.
> Requirements :
> 1. Elementary knowledge of money transfer systems.
> 2. The possibility to accept payments to your personal bank account:
> 3. Promptitude in sending the payment to the supplier(by using his
> preferred payment method).
> 4. Availability to check your email at least once a day.
> Let us know if you are interested in the position listed above and
> we will send you more details regarding this vacancy along with our
> corporate  agreement and application form.
> This is Keven at eurobrussell.com our corporate email address, when you will
> make your mind write us here.
> Best regards
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