[FOSDEM] Accepted devrooms

Tias Guns tias at fosdem.org
Wed Oct 24 21:27:48 CEST 2012

Devrooms are 'developer rooms' in which open source communities can 
organize their own schedule, made of presentations, brainstorming and 
hacking sessions. Our goal is to stimulate developer collaboration and 
cross-pollination between projects.

It is our pleasure and honor to announce that the following projects and 
topics have been granted a devroom at FOSDEM 2013:

Both Days
  * Cross Distro
  * CrossDesktop
  * Embedded and Mobile
  * Free Java
  * Legal Issues
  * Mozilla

  * Apache OpenOffice
  * Community development and Marketing
  * FOSS for scientists
  * Graph Processing
  * Jabber/XMPP
  * Microkernels / Component-based OSes
  * Mono
  * PHP and Friends
  * Testing and Automation
  * The Wine Project
  * Virtualization
  * X.org

  * Ada
  * BSD
  * Cloud
  * Configuration/Systems Management
  * Cross Distro
  * LibreOffice
  * MySQL & Friends
  * Open Source Game Development
  * PostgreSQL
  * Python
  * Smalltalk
  * Telephony

In the coming weeks, they will announce their call for talks on various 
mailinglists (including this one). We will collect them on our website 
as well.

We will also open our call for stands (a place in the hallway) and 
lightningtalks (15 minute talks) in the coming week.

On behalf of the FOSDEM program team,

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