[FOSDEM] [Microkernel-devroom] FOSDEM 2013 - Microkernels / Component-based OSes devroom

Martin Decky martin at decky.cz
Tue Oct 30 11:16:44 CET 2012

Hi Joanna, hi folks,

> So, perhaps during this meeting there could be a session which would aim
> to create such a big picture diagram or something.

That's a good idea. Last year there was a closing panel discussion on 
the microkernel devroom which might be a suitable place to organize such 
a "big diagram drawing" this time. Or would you prefer a separate 
session for it?

Anyway, we should perhaps brainstorm the interesting criteria according 
to we would like to classify the various systems on this mailing list 
first, so that the "big diagram drawing" is somehow structured when it 
happens live. Alternatively, I can host a wiki page for it (on the 
HelenOS wiki).

Therefore, in relation to Joanna's suggestion, I suggest to have a 
closing panel discussion again on the devroom. I also suggest to 
allocate a longer time slot for the panel discussion this time (at least 
twice as long as last time).

Best regards

Martin Decky

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