[FOSDEM] FOSDEM 2013 comment

Dick Stomp dick.stomp at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 22:56:50 CET 2013

1 the beer event on friday was for me (an 75 years old expert in software
and beer) not accessible... A crowd before the three entries of Delirium,
all equipped with beer and I'm standing dry and could not enter the
2 the Saturday was nice and I met  who I want to see and found what I want
to know
3 at Sunday I went back home, because I feel that it was to cold to walk
again around the campus of ULB
4 on Saturday I had a nice lunch (baguette cheese and Liption Tea) in the
small canteen
5 next year I'll skip Friday-evening beer, that's nice for my young
successors; come on Saturday morning and leave Sunday evening; I'll be
equipped as back-packer with very warm clothing! I'll use the same Capital
Hotel that is very nice with free WiFi and good breakfast en beds!

Best regards,
Dick Stomp
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