[FOSDEM] FOSDEM 2013 comment & suggestions

Rodrigo OSORIO rodrigo at bebik.net
Thu Feb 7 10:45:26 CET 2013

On 02/06/13 22:56, Dick Stomp wrote:
> 1 the beer event on friday was for me (an 75 years old expert in 
> software and beer) not accessible... A crowd before the three entries 
> of Delirium, all equipped with beer and I'm standing dry and could not 
> enter the premises...
You right Dick, the beer event always crowded as we see more attendees 
every year.
In the other hand most of the exponent (projects / distros / so on) uses 
to have their own beer event at the same time.

May I suggest the Fosdem crew, next year, to try to promote some of 
those those 'unofficial'  event in
their web page, letting people know all the good places to take a drink 
in Brussels.
That way, attendees can move from bar to bar, meeting new peoples 
according with their interests,
and finally we will help  to break the bottleneck around the main beer 

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