[FOSDEM] Our little feedback about FOSDEM 2013

Joseba Martos joseba at gaueko.com
Tue Feb 12 19:35:01 CET 2013


This year I was for first time at FOSDEM with my colleagues of Gaueko Koop, a company that works and develops free technologies, especially free telecommunications, as installers of the guifi.net network. We liked a lot the meeting, it helped us discovering several interesting free projects, including some solutions we were looking for, e.g. Jitsi. I was not able to attend to all the talks of my interest because the huge amount of parallel talks, but I will see the videos on the web. It's great to have a video repository!

In the other hand, I read in twitter that the Pythonists had some space problems on their devrooms. It seems that Python is becoming more and more popular again, maybe, because it's chosen as main language for some Google technologies and for OpenStack project. I was not in the Python devroom, but it's my favorite programming language for system administration.

We enjoyed the meeting and next year we will be again at FOSDEM, probably, bringing a talk about guifi.net network, this year we didn't have enough time. We have published our feedback about FOSDEM at our website, it's written in spanish:


Lot of thanks to staff members and volunteers.
See you next year!

Joseba Martos Sánchez
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