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Raphael Kallensee raphael at kallensee.name
Wed Jan 23 00:08:47 CET 2013


Michaël pushed the update for the Android app to the Play Store. It's 
already available for me, so you could add the URL to fosdem.org:


Thanks a lot!

Best regards,
Am 20.01.2013 17:25, schrieb Tias Guns:
> On 01/20/2013 04:59 PM, Raphael Kallensee wrote:
>> Hi,
>> just a quick note regarding the FOSDEM apps for Android and WebOS:
>> I prepared the WebOS app for this year (new logo, tested with new
>> schedule), it's already released in the HP App Catalog
>> (https://developer.palm.com/appredirect/?packageid=net.webpresso.fosdem).
>> The
>> source code can be found here
>> (http://forge.webpresso.net/projects/fosdem-webos) as well as the *.ipk
>> file
>> (http://forge.webpresso.net/attachments/download/33/net.webpresso.fosdem_0.2.11_all.ipk).
>> I also worked on the existing Android app, fixed it to work with the new
>> calendar URL and gave it a Holo UI. Michaël Uyttersprot will push the
>> update to the Google Play Store soon
>> (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.fosdem). The source
>> code can be found on Github
>> (https://github.com/rkallensee/fosdem-android), the *.apk (signed with
>> my key, so not upgradeable later with the Play Store version) can be
>> found here in the meanwhile
>> (http://forge.webpresso.net/projects/fosdem-android/files).
>> Feel free to add the links to fosdem.org!
> Good timing, I was just working on this:
> https://fosdem.org/2013/schedule/mobile/
> You can find the links there. An announcement/call for more links is
> following soon.
> Kind regards,
> Tias
>> Best regards,
>> Raphael
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>> info at lists.fosdem.org
>> https://lists.fosdem.org/listinfo/info

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