[FOSDEM] Sojourner (N900) for Fosdem 2013

Jarek Lipski loomchild at loomchild.net
Wed Jan 30 13:32:50 CET 2013


I have created dirty version of sojourner for Fosdem 2013, because I 
don't particularly like confclerk's interface.

Package was created by repackaging previous version from maemo 
repository with Fosdem 2013 schedule - in other words I didn't rebuild 
the package from the source (because I do not know how to do it and 
didn't have time to investigate), I just added extra files to it and 
changed the config.

Sojourner does not support HTTPS when downloading the schedule, and 
Fosdem 2013 schedule is only available through HTTPS. To solve this 
problem I have created HTTP proxy at the following URL:
and configured the package to use my proxy.

Anyways, it seems to work, so I thought other people may be interested.

- Old version should be un-installed.
- Dependencies: python2.5, python-gobject (>= 2.16), python-hildon, 
python-notify, python-osso, python-dbus

Package download URL:

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