[FOSDEM] [CFP] Embedded and mobile devroom

Philippe De Swert philippedeswert at gmail.com
Wed Oct 23 13:43:07 CEST 2013

Every year there is a special dedicated track for embedded and mobile
projects at Fosdem (see: www.fosdem.org ). If you are interested to
give a talk about your project read further for the details.

FOSDEM will be held the 1st and 2nd of February 2014 in Brussels,

For this years program we are looking for people who would like to do
a presentation about their own or some community's project in this area.
These projects must be Free Software or Open Source.

Example of topics of interest:

  * Embedded Linux in general
  * Linux kernel development for embedded devices
  * Build systems and embedded/mobile operating systems
  * Multimedia and graphics
  * Embedded systems optimization (boot time, memory consumption, power
    consumption, etc.)
  * Filesystem and storage
  * Real-time
  * Non-Linux embedded, such as Arduino
  * Hardware platforms, such as BeagleBone, RaspberryPi
  * Open source/free software for or related to Android
  * ...

We are also interested in short tutorials, project overviews,
achievements, ports to new hardware and hardware hacking, real life
deployments, ... all are welcome and all submissions will be reviewed
by our panel.

Submissions require a small abstract and short speaker presentation
and should be submitted to fosdem.embedded at gmail.com or through 
https://penta.fosdem.org/submission/ before the 10th
of December 2013. You can apply for a full length (~45 min) or a shorter 
(~20min) talk.

The panel consists of:

Philippe De Swert
Peter De Schrijver
Geert Uytterhoeven
Thomas Petazzoni

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