[FOSDEM] big rooms for popular subjects with popular speakers please

Laura Czajkowski laura.czajkowski at mongodb.com
Sat Feb 1 15:02:34 CET 2014

Hey folks, the rooms are fine and the talks are being streamed, and
recorded for later.  There is always going to be a room that is more packed
than another it just happens.  There has to be a limit at some point.

I will say, it would be a lot of help to get people to move in on seats
that are sitting on the outside, or 3 seats in and then leaving an entire
row unoccupied. I saw that a lot this morning in James talk to be honest.
 People could have sat down if others had moved in off the side of rows!


On 1 February 2014 13:57, Philip Paeps <philip at fosdem.org> wrote:

> On 01 Feb 2014, at 14:20, Joost Ringoot <joost at ringoot.org> wrote:
> > Sorry for the rant (because I could not get in), but I think James
> Turnbull should get a room with a capacity of +500 people at least. He
> wrote several books and as a plus his talk is about docker which is fresh
> new and also popular.
> So did several other speakers (probably?).
> Honestly: this is a problem we can't fix.  We try to schedule "popular
> presentations"
> in appropriately large rooms, but on some level, all presentations are
> popular.  It's
> impossible to please everybody.  Scheduling 22 rooms in parallel is Really
> Difficult.
> We are (trying to?) record everything this year.  Apart from the fact that
> that's just
> a really cool thing to do, we also hoped that that would spread the load
> factor of the
> rooms a bit.  To be evaluated, etc.
> Be positive, be open minded.  If a room is full ... there are others?  You
> can watch
> the recording at home.
> Philip
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