[FOSDEM] Keysigning: list of participants now available

Niels Laukens niels at fosdem.org
Tue Jan 28 10:29:31 CET 2014

The list of participants for this weekend's keysigning event is now
If you're taking part in the keysigning event, you should now:

  o Download the list:


  o Optionally, if there's a trust path between your PGP key and mine,
    verify the integrity of the file using the detached signature:


    e.g. using:

      % gpg --verify ksp-fosdem2014.txt.sig ksp-fosdem2014.txt

  o Verify that your fingerprint as shown on the list is correct.

  o Print this list of keys with fingerprints on paper.

  o Calculate the checksums of the file holding the list of keys.

    e.g. using:

      % gpg --print-md RIPEMD160 ksp-fosdem2014.txt
      % gpg --print-md SHA256 ksp-fosdem2014.txt

  o Write the checksums you calculated in the designated blanks.

  o Don't lose the list, and bring it with you on Sunday, along
    with a pen and appropriate means of identification.

See you Sunday!

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