[FOSDEM] Keysigning: list of participants now available

Tom Marble tmarble at info9.net
Tue Jan 28 15:53:17 CET 2014

On 01/28/2014 03:29 AM, Niels Laukens wrote:
>        http://ksp.fosdem.org/files/ksp-fosdem2014.txt

This says "2013" but please do not change it now :)

This is how I print the KSP sheet (in case this is helpful):

# only crazy USA folks want '--paper letter' (instead of A4)
$ paps --header --landscape --columns=2 --font="Courier 7" --paper letter --top-margin=18 --bottom-margin=18 ksp-fosdem2014.txt > ksp-fosdem2014.ps
$ ps2pdf ksp-fosdem2014.ps

Please use caff(1) from the package signing-party (after the KSP)
to sign the keys at home.  But BEWARE the default caff configuration
is NOT the same as for GPG.  Please make sure you are using the
configuration settings you intend (esp. strong signature strength).
For more information please see:

Here is how you can get a sense for who has already signed
your key (NOTE: does NOT take into account that a given e-mail
may be used with different key ID's):

MYEMAIL=tmarble at info9.net

Unique list of who's on the FOSDEM KSP list
$ awk '/<.*@.*>/ { print substr($NF,2,length($NF)-2); }' ksp-fosdem2014.txt | sort -u > ksp-emails.txt

Unique list of who has signed my key:
$ gpg --list-sigs $MYID | awk '/<.*@.*>/ { print substr($NF,2,length($NF)-2); }' | sort -u > signed-myid.txt

Who has previously signed my key that's on the FOSDEM KSP list?
$ comm -12 signed-myid.txt ksp-emails.txt | grep -v $MYEMAIL > already-signed.txt



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