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Kristoff kristoff at skypro.be
Sun Aug 9 19:19:18 CEST 2015

Hi Mark,

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On 09-08-15 18:50, Mark Van den Borre wrote:
> Hi all,
> The Belgian Amateur radio organisation (UBA) had a small infobooth at FOSDEM
> 2015 promoting ham-radio. For 2016, we like to expand this with some
> practicle demos and a permanent station.
> [...]
>> Who in the FOSDEM organisation and/or the ULB can we contact for this?
> The call for participation (stands) has not been sent out yet. As an
> indication, last year, this happened on September 19.


The thing is that, for us, "participating" is more then just "a room 
with a projector and a timeslot to give a talk".

As explained, we have a couple of ideas for actual demonstrations (i.e. 
real ham-radio stations with real antennes emitting real RF signals), so 
we are very well aware that there practicle issues and -more 
importantly- safety-issues to look at. (part of ham-radio is about doing 
our hobby safely for ourselfs and for others. It's actually in the exam 
for the ham-radio license :-) )

In a practicle sence, it does not make sence to make a proposal for 
participation to FOSDEM saying "we would like to set up a HF station", 
if we aren't even sure if there is a place to put up an antenne far 
enough away from the thousands of people visiting FOSDEM.

Hence, it will probably be usefull for us to have a talk beforehand with 
the FOSDEM and/or ULB people to know what is possible and what not, so 
we can then make the request for participation based on that.

> Mark
Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.

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