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Philip Paeps philip at fosdem.org
Sun Aug 9 22:33:57 CEST 2015

On 2015-08-09 19:19:18 (+0200), Kristoff <kristoff at skypro.be> wrote:
> The thing is that, for us, "participating" is more then just "a room with a
> projector and a timeslot to give a talk".

Were you the people who wanted to set up an antenna on the lawn this
year?  If you want to participate in a way that (you think) falls
outside 'developer rooms', 'stands' or 'main track presentations', it's
probably best to get in touch with info@ directly so we can see what we
can do.

> In a practicle sence, it does not make sence to make a proposal for
> participation to FOSDEM saying "we would like to set up a HF station", if we
> aren't even sure if there is a place to put up an antenne far enough away
> from the thousands of people visiting FOSDEM.

In case it's not obvious: most FOSDEM attendees are software with zero
background in electronics, let alone RF.  Having said that, the "radio
people" participation in recent years has been really popular, so we may
want to see how we can do more with that.

If you want to set anything up, please do get in touch with info at .

Philip [ON4PHP - I do know something about RF ;)]

Philip Paeps
Senior Reality Engineer
Ministry of Information

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