[FOSDEM] contacts for organisational issues

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Sun Aug 9 20:06:22 CEST 2015

On 09/08/15 19:47, Kristoff wrote:
> Daniel,
> The ham-radio info booth of 2015 was the result of the devroom
> gnuradio/software defined radio of 2014 where we had a number of people
> saying "concidering the audience for this devroom, why not try to
> promote ham-radio a little bit while we are there".
> So that is why we where in the building where that devroom was held.

If I understand correctly, the FOSDEM team want to put an emphasis on
development (the D is FOSDEM) and it is good for any stand or devroom
proposal to relate to this.

Personally, I feel that amateur radio is a development activity because
you basically have to pass an engineering exam in order to become
licensed.  As you correctly point out, in modern radio, development
spans hardware and software.  You will want to emphasize the software
development aspects in your proposal.

> But, of course, as ham-radio is all about communication,
> signal-processing and with some homebrew electronics thrown in, you
> could probably link it to multiple devrooms at FOSDEM.
> But feel free to make a little bit of publicity for our infobooth /
> demonstrations in your corner of FOSDEM :-)

Given the nature of communication technology, it may well be relevant to
have more than one presence so people can communicate between them.

There has also been some discussion about creating a URI scheme for


and it would be interesting to see that work with SIP or XMPP over
amateur bands.



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